The Hillsong TV team contacted us in early 2016  about a new very BIG project that they were working on with the TBN team. This project was a TV station and studio where they could connect with people all over the world 24/7 called HILLSONGTV. We obviously jumped at this opportunity to provide LED Panels for them, not just because Hillsong is one of our greatest clients (hillsong LA owns a large video screen of ours) but because we as a company stand behind works of faith like Hillsong and TBN. This project is the type of project that keeps giving back. Daily we see our LED panels in the background of a message of Faith, Hope and Love. Tune into HillsongTV to hear amazing messages and to check out their amazing studio.


For the LED obsessed and all our technical friends out there here are the specs.


# of panels – 90
Pixel pitch – 3MM
Panel Size – 22.7X22.7



2 screens 22.7ft X 5.7ft set on a horizontal 90 degree angle.
1 screen 11.35ft X5.7 ft set separate for standing presentations


The Studio Design was crafted by Nathan Taylor at http://www.nathanpaultaylor.com and the gorgeous build out was done by the team at Flux Fix at http://www.flixfx.com.
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